‘A batch is a group of sales and payments used for reconciling payments received.


  1. Sales and payments are entered into EVOPOS
  2. Payment methods are reconciled eg. count cash, cheques
  3. Batch is closed, sales and payments are assigned batch number

Key points

  • The period for a batch can be for any amount of time, normally for a Shift or a Day period.
  • Close Batch can be performed Blind (where you cannot see how much has been recorded for security reasons)
  • You are able to set the close date of the batch, this can give you more time to reconcile before closing the batch.


  1. Select Sales\Options\Close Batch tab
  2. Reconcile each payment method by counting or confirm totals with EVOPOS
  3. Enter amount confirmed for each payment method
  4. Confirm closing float amount
  5. Click Run and View or Print


If cash counted is more than displayed in EVOPOS:

  • Invoice with cash payment was not entered into EVOPOS
  • Credit Invoice refunded to cash and cash not given
  • Payment was cards but user choose cash

Security Aspects

The main controls are:

  • Reconciling Money
  • Reconciling Stock
  • Reconciling Debtors
  • Monitoring margins

Reconciling Money

Making sure we have the money that we have told EVOPOS we have received.

Reconciling stock

Checking stock has been sold correctly and identifying stock issues.

Reconciling debtors

If a sale was inadvertently put on account when it was paid by Cash, then the stock would be correct, but the Debtors too high, and the Cash too low. Therefore need to check regularly in Debtors is correct.

Monitoring margins

Margins tend to be consistent over a period unless something unusual has happened. We need to pick up on any items not being sold at the normal price. Some of these may be valid such as Trade or VIP discounts, or if an item is damaged, or if an item is on sale. We need to avoid the non-valid discounts such as giving un-authorised or excessive discounts, and under-ringing (taking the full amount, entering a discount or not selling the correct item and pocketing the difference).