What is included with an Evopos subscription? Evopos subscription includes software updates, access to the support portal and phone support.

How do I get Evopos? Getting Evopos is really easy, please Register with us and you will be able to download Evopos straight away. 

Can I get on site training or support? Yes we are able to provide on site training and support, please contact one of our support centers for more details. 

Where is my data stored? Your data is stored locally and be accessed in a number of ways. We have a open data policy meaning you will always have access to your data. 

How much does Evopos cost? Please see the pricing page for more information. 

How long has Evopos been around for? Evopos started out over 25 years ago as a DOS based program called Business Manager or Biketech, since then it has grown into a modern .NET application that hundreds of businesses rely on day to day. 

Can Evopos run on an Apple Mac? Unfortunately Evopos does not have native support for Mac, however you are able to use Evopos Mobile through your web browser on your Mac. 

Do you sell hardware? Yes we can supply point of sale (POS) hardware, please contact one of our support centers for more details.