Evopos has a range of features for businesses with multiple Branches. Branches are normally similar businesses at different locations, but the features can also be used for situations such as selling from trade vans, selling from shows and supplying from separate warehouses.

As Evopos uses the Microsoft SQL database, it is possible to connect to different databases over the Internet. To connect to databases in separate locations the computer running the database server needs to be set up for global internet access. See our section on Remote connection or contact our support team for more information. 

Some of the key factors of multiple branches include:

  • Each Database can have an unlimited number of Divisions (Branches, Trading names etc) where different addresses, names, regions and logos can be configured.
  • Each Database can also have an unlimited number of Stores (Groups of stock with different details and quantities).
  • Each Workstation has a default Division (Branch or Trading Name) 
  • Each Division has a default Store
  • You can switch between Divisions manually using Alt+F2.
  • You can switch between Databases manually using Alt+F1
  • You can set up access to Remote Stores in Settings / Stores  
  • You can view the stock levels at the various remote and local stores in Sales on the Edit screen 
  • You can special order items from another Branch (Pending)
  • You can supply a store from another store based on re-order criteria in a Transfer, similar to purchase order 
  • You can do a quick transfer of a stock item from one store to another (Pending)
  • You can transfer a Unit from one Store to another
  • You have the option to combine the quantities of multiple branches for each item (Pending)

Evopos has 3 different options when handling multi-branch companies. This is because different businesses have different budgets, requirements and factors such as internet speeds, 

  1. Independent - Each Branch uses an independent database and runs as an independent business – No HQ
  2. Evopos HQ - As above but additionally important data is updated at predefined times to a central HQ Database for combined analysis
  3. Central - All Branches use the same central database. We use Divisions and Additional Stores for the different Branches and Stores


Each branch runs independently and does not rely on an internet connection for normal use. Good for when you have slow or no internet and you do not need a collective HQ overview.

Even if you are only running this Independent option, you can still connect to the other databases or just the Stores in a different database, especially useful to check the stock of an item at other branches on demand.


  • Program runs quickly and reliably on all branches
  • Each branch can check stock, transfer stock etc. at the other Branches when internet available
  • Does not have the cost of Evopos HQ module at each branch


  • Does not combine the data from multiple branches together (see Evopos HQ)

2-Evopos HQ

As above in Independent. Additionally, at predetermined times (see below) information is updated from the Branch to the HQ database. This is an additional module that would be needed for each branch.

Unless the HQ database needs to be in a separate location, the HQ database is often used for one of the Branches. 

In addition to the standard multi-branch features (above), the Evopos HQ module would run at each branch. This will connect to the HQ database at predefined times and do various tasks including:

  • Update Sales transaction records from the Branch to HQ into the appropriate Division
  • Update or create Stock record details, except Quantities, from HQ to the Branch into the appropriate Store
  • Update Stock record Quantities from the Branch to HQ into the appropriate Store
  • Update or create any new Operators from HQ to the Branch

The predefined times for Updating HQ can be set to:

  • Whenever a Sale is made
  • Whenever an End-Of-Day Batch is run
  • At a specific time each day
  • After a specific amount of time eg: every Hour


  • Program runs quickly and reliably on branches
  • Combines the data together in HQ to see all figures
  • Can use the mobile app to see all figures in one account
  • Global customers, Accounting and reports for each branch or company as a whole


  • Cost of the HQ Module per branch (Minor)
  • Some minor limitations in what can is transferred at the moment

For more information please see the Help on Evopos HQ Module


Each Branch uses the same database (located at one Branch or in the Cloud). Remote branches connect in over the internet. 

This is normally the simplest system as all the information is in one database, however it does need high speed (upload and download) and reliable internet connections


  • One central database, everything is always live
  • Can use the mobile app to see all figures in one account
  • Global customers, Accounting and reports for each branch or company as a whole
  • Cheaper - Only needs one main license (Does need additional Workstation licenses)


  • Can be slow running Evopos from remote locations
  • Needs fast reliable internet