How it Works

Evopos is able to communicate with your Magento website through the Magento SOAP API.

Evopos will only work with version 1.x of Magento, we currently do not support Magento 2.

Evopos can perform two main functions with Magento:

  • Download Magento Orders into Evopos as Sales Orders
  • Create and Update Magento Items based on Stock Item data in Evopos


Evopos will download orders based on a date criteria so orders are not downloaded twice, there is also a setting to define whether to download all orders or just orders that have been invoiced.

The order download can be initiated manually or on a schedule.

Download Orders

  1. Navigate to Sales\Recall\Sales Orders
  2. Select the Get Web Orders option from the side menu
  3. Select your Magento website from the drop down list
  4. Click OK to start download

Magento Orders will be imported as Evopos Sales Orders, Evopos will take items out of stock and allocate them to the sales order.

Once your orders have downloaded you would follow Sales Order Processing to invoice and take payment.

Items & Inventory

Evopos will update Magento based on your stock items modified date and whether the web store flag/checkbox is ticked, there are additional settings whether to just update inventory quantities, or pricing and description as well.

Uploading New Items

If the SKU does not exist in Magento and the create new items setting it turned on, Evopos will create a new product on Magento.

Updating Existing Items

Stock Items are matched with Magento Items based on the part number/SKU, depending on your setting will determine what information is updated.

Categories & Images

Categories are matched based on category name, if the category does not exist than Evopos will create it.

Categories and images are only created when creating a new item on Magento, if the item exists in Magento Evopos will not update the category or images.

Syncing Items

Items can be updated manually or set on a schedule.

Manual Sync

  1. Navigate to Weblink
  2. Select your Magento website from the drop down list
  3. Select Update on the side menu

Schedule Sync

  1. Navigate to Settings\Workstation\Scheduler
  2. Create a new schedule and choose the website sync type
  3. Choose the Magento website you want to sync
  4. Fill in the other sync settings
  5. Click Save

Setting Up the Integration

There are two parts to setting up the integration, firstly we will need to create some Magento API credentials in the Magento Admin Panel, we will then enter those credentials into Evopos so that it can communicate with your Magento Webiste.

Magento Admin

  1. Log in to the Magento Admin
  2. Under System then Web Services select SOAP Roles
  3. Create a Role (Evopos), allow All under Role Resources and Save
  4. Under System then Web Services select SOAP Users
  5. Create a new User. Give it a User name and API key (Make a note of these for later)
  6. Then under User Role add the role (you created earlier) to that user
  7. Save the user

  1. Navigate to System\Configuration\Services\Magento Core API
  2. Check your settings are the same as below

Evopos Desktop

  1. Navigate to Settings\Integrations
  2. Create a New Integration and give it a name (Magento)
  3. Ensure you have an Integration with the format of: 'Magento Web store'. If not, create a new Integration and set the format.
  4. Ensure the URL for the API on your website is correctly specified. This is normally your website address with '/api/v2_soap/' on the end. For example: (Note: You may need to leave off / add on the www depending on your DNS settings)
  5. Ensure the User name and API key are correctly entered. These were set when doing the Magento Site set up using Magento Admin

Integration Settings

Default Category ID
This is the ID of the default Magento Parent Category (Normally 2), Evopos will create categories under this parent category.

Store ID 
This is the ID of the Magento Store ID you want to update (Normally 1, unless Magento has multiple Stores), Evopos will create items in this store.

Attribute Set ID
This is the ID of the Magento Attribute Set Evopos will use to create items. (This default setting is 4)

Download All Orders
This enables all orders to be downloaded whether they have been invoiced or not.

Only Update Inventory
Having this setting ticked will tell Evopos to only update the inventory quantity for each item.

Create Items on Site and Store
This setting tells Evopos whether it should create new items when uploading to Magento and whether to create new stock items when download orders to Evopos.

Customer Order if not in stock
This enables Evopos to create customer orders when the item is not in stock when downloading orders from Magento.

About Magento

Magento is widely used open source eCommerce platform.